Read carefully Terms and Conditions. This page clarifies our conduct of business and rules we are using.

What we offer

We offer original, non generic pre-exposure prophylaxis HIV medications namely Descovy and Truvada. We cooperate with leading sexual health clinic and utilize their quality control to provide best medication available. If you look for generic versions of PrEP please visit PrEP24 website.

Maximum order you can place is 90 pills in 3 bottles as our delivery not allowing for larger quantities.

How we process the purchase of PrEP

Here you can see all steps involved to complete your PrEP order:

  1. Place your order through the form
  2. We will contact you back with all details related to your purchase
  3. Make a payment
  4. Once you the funds are cleared to our account successfully we begin processing your purchase
  5. We will send private courier to destination country
  6. Pick up your PrEP from previously designated/arranged address

Refunds and exchanges

  1. We do not process refunds; in some circumstances changes of delivery related to place and date is allowed but additional fees may be required.
  2. We may be able to change the products you ordered before our courier start delivery process.
  3. In any case we are not responsible and liable for any actions taken by relevant authorities namely customs and/or tax offices.

Additional information

We do not require prescription or any personal data from you.

We are not liable and/or responsible for any actions – seizure, additional fees and/or other decisions made by related authorities.